Change the conversation to address the whole experience of people living with hemophilia (PwH)

PwH and caregivers may expect your discussion to include only the physical aspects of their hemophilia management. But as you know, discussing the emotional, physical, and logistical impacts could help reveal their whole experience.

Discussing their whole experience may better equip you to1,2:

  • Understand the unseen impact of hemophilia for PwH
  • Make management plans that meet individual goals
  • Educate PwH and their caregivers on hemophilia management
Discussing the whole experience could help you make management decisions that meet individual goals.2

Want to hear more hemophilia truths?

Each patient story reflects the real-life experiences of individuals diagnosed with hemophilia. Individual experiences may vary. These patients were compensated for their time creating this content.

References: 1. Arya S, et al. J Thromb Haemost. 2022;20(2):296-306. 2. Srivastava A, et al. Haemophilia. 2020;26(suppl 6):1-158. 

Last Updated: November 2023